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Some Examples of Our Work

We showcase below some recent client examples which demonstrates some of the process behind the design. 

* We blur the client's logo in each example to conceal their identity.  

4 Easy Steps..  

1. Tell Us What You Want! 

You tell us what your dream superfood product(s) contains and we'll do our best to create it. If you need inspiration to work from, check out our examples products.

Our minimum first order is a total of 200 units of product. 

We will give you an initial, approximate quote over the phone. 

2. Pay Deposit & Start Process

Next step is that we take a deposit to begin working with you to refine your recipe(s). 

At this point, we also discuss process around your labels. You have the option of providing artwork via your own Graphic Designer, or we'll do it for you.  Please see our website under "labeling" for more details on this aspect. 

3. Sample Batch / Test Print Labels

Once we've settled on your potential recipe(s), we create samples which we send out to you. Once the sampling process is complete and the recipe(s) are set, we send out your final invoice (minus the deposit). 
At this point, we'll also do a test print of your labels and send these out to you to ensure your happy with the look. 

4. Receive Your Order!

We use couriers who deliver one to four working days after pick-up to metropolitan areas anywhere on the Australian East Coast. 

On average, lead time going from product development, sampling, labeling to product dispatch is 6-8 weeks.


Why Private Label Superfoods? 

  • We offer a flexible engagement model which puts you in the drivers seat to create exactly what you want. 
  • We know the Superfoods market, inside and out. All of the latest and greatest superfoods hitting the market, we're across them and love helping you bring them to market. 
  • Low minimum order.  Our 200 unit minimum order (which can be as low as 50kg in volume) , is considerably lower than most contract manufacturers whose starting minimum order are 400-500kg+. 
  • Low re-order minimum. Only a total of 50 units of product. 
  • No lock in contracts and reordering minimum quantities are low.  

Online Retailer

Pictured left is one of three "functional superfood" blend's developed by our client. 

Packaged in stand up matt white kraft pouches with the label digitally screen printed directly on to the pouch. 

Online Retailer

Our client an online retailer, created their own Hemp Protein Superfood blend, featuring Australian Grown Hemp Protein with Raw Cacao, Maca and host of other Superfoods. 

Packaging: Kraft pouches with sticker labels. 

* You can view some of our latest client work on our instagram page @privatelabelsuperfoodsaust


Online Retailer

Pictured to the right is one of 5 different superfood blends featured on their website. 

Packaging in stand up plastic pouch with label printed directly on the pouch. 

Online Retailer

Selection of Functional Superfood products, including a Trail Mix and Vegan Protein Blend. 

Packaging: Matt Black Stand-Up Pouch with label stickers that cover the entire face of the bag. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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