Your Logo on Your Own Products : the Ultimate Advertisement

Want to make your own unique mark in the health industry, launch your own exciting products, and build your own brand?  Private Label Superfoods partners with you to make that happen.

Perhaps you’re just starting out on creating your own health business, or you have an established business and the idea of having your own branded superfoods appeals.

We all know how passionate this industry is, your customers and clients will only buy from you what you most passionately stand behind.  You’ve got something special and unique to offer, and no doubt that drive to make your own mark is how you somehow found yourself here.

You’ve got some great ideas,  you just need someone to partner with you to make it happen.

You’ve come to the right place.

Our Story 

Hi, my name is Aaron, Founder of Private Label Superfoods Australia, a family owned business I established in 2015, operating from Noosa, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

aaron travers

Aaron Travers – Founder Private Label Superfoods

I set up Private Label Superfoods to help small to medium sized businesses launch their own branded superfoods into the market place.

Private Label Superfoods Australia was borne out of my own experience in previous years launching my own branded Superfoods for another business of mine. In the process I experienced first hand how challenging it can be getting started with your own product range.

For a start, I wanted full freedom to be able to create my own unique vision of packaged superfoods, yet as soon as began talking to contract manufacturers I found that inevitably I’d have to compromise and conform to their business processes. On top of that they typically required minimum order quantities beyond the level that I was willing to invest in initially.

Lacking the capacity at that time to do it all myself, I initially found a US based white labeling business to do the things I couldn’t do, whilst I went about investing into the infrastructure to doing more and more of it in house.

By mid 2013 I was fully autonomous in producing my own products.

Not long after that, I started helping friends of mine who also had health businesses to launch their own superfood products. I discovered then that I really enjoyed helping other businesses launch their own products,so Private Label Superfoods was born.

How I Work 

If you decide to explore this further, you’ll deal with me from start to finish as your Project Manager. Initially you outline your vision and we go from there. I’d say that I’m pretty uncomplicated and very transparent with all the details – it’s just the way I do business. The best thing I offer you is my full commitment to helping you achieve your dream product. There is lots of flexibility in our model so that we can come up with a result that meets your needs.

If you’d like to get dialogue started, please  call feel free to call me directly 0457 644 194 or email